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What makes a beautiful bride?

I'd like to use one of my my memorable weddings as a case study for all those brides out there who are nervous about being photographed, and worried about the possibility of things not going to plan on their wedding day.

Here is the album of the wedding day I will talk about:


It was the 4th May, my birthday, and also my last wedding for the summer season.  It was a dark, dreary, drizzly day after weeks and weeks of sunshine. I text my bride Danni in the morning to say don't worry and that I'm not worried. We'll run with our wet weather plan and the shots will be gorgeous.

We got to the Stanford Plaza to begin the preparation photos and we were directed up to the honeymoon suite which I thought was going to be amazing, large and filled with natural light. It wasn't. It was large but filled with dark Mahogany furniture, tinted windows and really cramped with our large bridal party.

Solution: I took all the bridesmaids as close to the natural light as possible and shot these gorgeous shots:

005  007  015

010  014  016

Then I took Danni outside on this TINY balcony and used the dark grey wall and much to my surprise shot some of the most gorgeous images to date. I can't even tell you how tiny this balcony was and how, to the untrained eye, it would not seem like the location for stunning images. All I needed was a bit of light and a touch of wind. 

            310 edited-3         022sm

I was able to control the light, the viel and the composition, but what I could NOT control, was Danni's sense of self confidence and how she felt in front of the camera.  I wanted to use this wedding as an example of how I can control a lot of things on a wedding day but what I can't control is how the bride feels about herself. Now, obviously Danni is absolutely stunning but she is not a model, she is not an actress and you'd be surprised to know that she is actually pretty shy, but she does take lots of pictures of her friends and of herself in social scenes using her i-phone!  Doing this alone has shown her how to move, how she takes a good photo and how you just have to lose all your inhibitions and insecurities and JUST GO FOR IT in front of the camera. I'll direct you the rest of the way. I'll tell you you look amazing and scream and laugh and bring it out in you. Just stand tall and SMILE!!  Danni shone this day and despite the rain, we got some brilliant photos. 

Here are a few more using the night lights of the Museum.
040sm  044sm 046sm

Boy did I have to think outside the square for this day. It was just sooo dark. Just as well the bridal party were shining stars!

All the best Dannielle and Steve!  It was a pleasure working with you.




I have enjoyed the last year of life in the slower lane with a new baby (now one!) but I'm now looking at booking season 2017 of weddings and I've started a new project which will be revealed before Christmas. I've been focussing on more photographic art rather than portraits. Wait and see!

Some of my most proud photography projects to date:

-Sponsored by Alfa Romeo for 2 years
-Sponsored by VW for 1 year
-Photographing Ralph Schumacher for BMW
-Chris Dixon for BMW
-Bob Geldof
-Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols)
-3 Cookbooks
-Head photographer for Continental Car Services for 6 years
-NZ Fashion Week for 5yrs
-Trademe founder Sam Morgan
-Multiple TV personalities
-Dexterity Productions (TV stills)
-Homegrown TV (stills)

About Cate


With 15 years in the photography industry, Cate has not only the experience but also the natural eye for detail and flare. Cate started out in the television industry, then moved to photography where she found her true passion!

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